About E3R

We develop and deliver multidisciplinary and dynamic solutions that yield significant, measurable gains in environmental performance gains in economic, environmental and organizational performance. Our coordination of client and partner companies, government agencies, NGOs and funders transforms static designs into a living processes within which participants thrive together. A key component of success is to help our clients remain vigilant to discover and integrate new key stakeholders and work constructively with competitors.

Reconized environmental need, urgency to act and mandated/funded programs are often greatest outside the US. A global perspective is therefore critical to delivering regenerative solutions to customers, taxpayers and ratepayers -- lowest costs and optimal returns on investment. "Thinking Locally" alone means missed opportunities, low cost solutions, unneeded delays, lost sales and lost investment opportunities.

Consulting, Alliance Design and Regenerative Solutions Development

E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc. (E3R) consults with international client and partner organizations to develop alliance systems and create solutions that make Energy, Environment and Economics exponentially benefit one another (E3).

Our clients profitably Reduce Waste and Reclaim, Recycle and Reuse resources sustainably (R4) to deliver high ROI and new opportunities including green jobs and new investment. With deep and long experience with cross-border environmetnal projects, we, andour allies provide an edge by both thinking globally and acting locally. We can plan, organize, run and measure the results of projects using a full spread of "best of breed" technologies, processes and opportunities to act all over the world.

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