Technology Alliances:

Optimal Relationships that deliver best in class solutions

E3 Regenesis brings together technology companies and experienced environmental project experts from many countries to find the best solutions and markets for our clients.

It’s often noted that many of today’s most pressing environmental problems present global or cross-border challenges, including climate change and cross-border air and water pollution as well as competition for scarce resources – including water.

These challenges also provide opportunities as proven by the fact that the cross-border environmental solutions, business opportunities, and technology partnerships are often the most promising in scope and cross-border synergies.

Our team has a unique combination of characteristics that make us your perfect partner to take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Multilingual, multicultural, and loaded with contacts from long experience living and working in all the world’s regions (including, especially, China).
  • Experience in creating highly profitable multi-partner ecosystems with major impact in the technology industry, including agreement negotiation, valuation and sale of IP assets, financing, etc.
  • Successful experience and know-how to bring complex, multi-timezone, multi-cultural projects to fruition.
  • Engineering experience and broad-ranging, multi-disciplinary knowledge of environmental technologies kept up-to-date on a worldwide basis and not limited to English materials (again, including China).

We place special emphasis on China because China is taking action: new environmental technologies are tested against pressing problems on a mass scale there daily, yet the market needs, results and ROI are little-known, beyond the headline-level, in the US and other western countries who could take advantage of this experience.

When probing deeper, we discover many high-ROI opportunities to make money using US technology, to save US customers money by using Chinese technology, and to solve environmental problems of common interest that have been overlooked.

Chinese firms and officials want to collaborate with the US in this effort because they have environmental needs they can’t fail to address. Without non-Chinese solutions they can’t achieve their full environmental or business potential.

We know the Chinese and American parties, the Chinese and American ways of doing business, and the potential partnership synergies between US and Chinese firms. E3Regenesis is one of the founders of the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC). We are well-connected and bi-lingual with 30 years working in China and with Chinese leaders.
While especially focused on China, our seasoned multilingual & multicultural team has lived and worked all over the world and can also bring together needs, solutions and perspectives from the Middle East and India or Europe. Together with our partners from Latin America and Europe to Australia and SE Asia, we can find and bring "best in class" solutions as well as technology application opportunities to our clients.