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In both the US, and China, E3 Regenesis has published papers and presented on topics of sustainability and regenerative /renewable energy initiatives. These are examples of reports and presentations we have done for clients. We have made them more universal here. We can build on these foundations and ttailor the research and reporting to meet your needs. View the list at rightas examples of E3R's capabilities and sustainable practices.

To view the September 30, 2010 at Stanford University
"Asia Technology Management in Energy and Cleantech Domains."Smart Green Building Standards in China and California follow these instructions:

--Establish a free account with "mystanfordconnection". Go to
<> and follow the instructions where
it says "Create a free account."

--After setting up your account and password, you may be able to
access the "Free Seminars and Webinars" page directly. If not, go to
<> and click on
"Free Seminars".

--Select "Topics in International Technology Management" EE-402A

You can also download a PDF copy of the presentation slides within
a few days after the presentation; please see the program webpage at