E3R Case Studies

We have worked with companies in Asia, the USA and Europe to develop viable projects involving waste recovery and clean energy solutions. These have included LED streetlighting with transparent monitoring, clean waste to energy projects and integrated eco-city planning.

In Arkansas we work with Real Estate Developers to enhance their development projects with distributed solar, energy efficient buildings, a school for certified building contractors, integrated urban agriculture, sewage reclamation, small scale wind projects, and an eco-tourism plan that will bring in revenue by sharing their accomplishments with business tourists who want to learn what works best in what situations. We convinced the local community college district to adopt a new curriculum and proposed an alliance with an already very successful green buillding school.

In China we worked with local government officials and interested businesses to create a self sufficient model community that could provide its own clean power locally, store the power for peak usage, manage the grid at multiple levels to optimize power distribution and integrate a number of businesses in order to convert waste from one business process into feedstock for complementary businesses.

Working with another city in China and with lighting suppliers we helped develop an LED street-lighting project to not only save energy and improve street lighting, but integrate energy efficiency monitoring and control with repair schedules. Additionally this plan enhanced public security and disaster management with an information system that provided the delivery of WiFi access to citizens as well as control of energy optimization for building owners and operators.

In several projects in China we mapped out the opportunities for investors as well as project operators to enhance their revenues with carbon credits under the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) protocols. Using this approach, they would mitigate initial risk and earn extra revenue while demonstrating ways to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. The CDM "methodologies" that applied to these projects were mapped out for our clients as we documented some similar proven successes around the world.

In partnership with the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) we help organize seminars on green buildings and eco-city development in California, Beijing and Suzhou. We continue to work with architects, engineers, political leaders and National Laboratories in the US and China. We help companies commercialize technoloogies they have developed to increase building efficiency, use less toxic materials, improve wasteful construction techniques, improve power grid integration, provide neighborhood clean power generation/management, and provide efficient community facilities including transportation, meeting places, schools, agriculture, and shopping.

In June of 2010 at the Suzhou, China UCGEC Forum), we outlined a comparison of ISO Green Building Standards with those of China (MOHURD) and California (CalGreen). "Smart Green Building Standards in China and California. There we joined with architects, engineers, mayors and eco-city developers to showcase the accomplishments of green cities such as the Singapore-China SuZhou Eco-industrial Park, the Tianjin Eco-Cty Development and the Guangzhou remodeling for the 2010 World Games. We have agreements to help them improve groundwork for projects that are currently in planning and development. We had experts who worked on the Green Olympics design from Beijing's Tsinghua University, the Energy Foundation and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories and Shanghai experts who are building amazingly energy efficient and healthy buildings.