E3R Partners

E3R shares alliances with some of today's most forward thinking companies. Below are some of our esteemed partners:

FrOG Tech (www.frogtech.com.au/) is an Australian-based natural resources consultancy that provides geological, geophysical and information management services for a wide range of clients in the petroleum, groundwater, geothermal, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), coal, coal seam gas and mineral sectors. FrOG Tech services and products are unique in their scope, methodology and delivery as integrated geospatial information systems. Over the last 10 years, FrOG Tech has undertaken over 155 projects across the world for major and minor industry clients, and domestic and international government agencies. E3 Regenesis will be doing project matching with FrOG Tech in Arkansas and China.

Secured Environment (securedenviron.com) Supporting the measurement, Tracking & Valation of Emissions. Our emissions accounting process determines the value of CO2e from all sources of emissions within a defined region. It is simple to operate within our client's existing IT environment .

Our Services: Baseline emissions determination and energy efficiency of all mobile sources (cars, trucks, ships, and other fossil-fuel driven vessels and vehicles) and stationary sources (power plants, events, infrastructure) for all emissions quantification, revenue assessment, and revenue justification purposes. Learn more >>

Our Customers: Any organization who desires to achieve carbon footprint reduction along with improved energy efficiency as well as any entity that plans to implement a pricing structure on carbon emissions, which is one of the most critical steps in complying with climate-change initiatives and qualifying for carbon trading credits (voluntary or mandatory).

E3 Regenesis works with EcoNexus® (www.econexusinc.com) to help measure, monitor and improve the energy savings for organizations that operate commercial, industrial and municipal buildings.

EcoNexus® provides a sub-meter level hardware and web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for building owners & managers to Save on energy bills and help fight climate change. The solution provides a standard method for measuring and characterizing energy performance of buildings.

EcoNexus®  determines energy consumption, energy demand, and on-site energy production in existing buildings at sub-meter level, making it possible to identify problems much faster, more accurately and provide more granular information than analyzing monthly utility bills.
Founded by Krishna Seshan, PhD, and Fred Barez, PhD, Project Enable (www.projectenable.com) is a program for engineering students at San Jose State University to make, design, modify and invent tools and gadgets to help the disabled, using electromagnetic, robotic, as well as simple mechanical and electrical tools. E3 Regenesis is a sponsor of Project Enable.