The E3R Team

James T. Caldwell. Ph.D.  柯玠博士


Dr. Caldwell, a founder of E3RS, has a strong background in management and engineering in the USA and Asia. His graduate training in International Politics and Organizational Behavior provides a strong foundation for executive leadership and business alliance development.

  • Dr. Caldwell brings more than 15 years experience in business leadership and development and work with Corporate, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations. In addition, he has ten years teaching experience in American, Comparative and International Politics, Applied Political Science and Organizational Behavior -- solving problems in business, government, and non-governmental organizations in USA and China. He was Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University and a Post Doctoral Fellow at The Institute for East Asian Studies at the University of Calfironia at Berkeley.
  • In addition to environmental work,he has managed projects and companies which engineered solutions for clients with growing international businesses and multilingual communications requirements. He has consulted with multiple Fortune 100 Corporations, non-governmental and governmental organizations to solve communications, alliance and team-building problems.
  • Dr. Caldwell was lead editor in a project to create international standards (Unicode), including not only technical leadership but also mediated, conflicts among technitcal, business and governmental stakeholders to build successful consensus. The Unicode standards Dr. Caldwell helped pioneer have transformed multilingual computing and saved millions of dollars annually for the industry and its customers. He is fluent in Chinese and skilled in electronic communications in multiple languages.
  • A founder of The 1990 Institute, an action-oriented think tank dedicated to the study of major economic and social issues relating to China and the world; Dr. Caldwell continues to serve as a director for the institute. His focus there is on environmental protection and economic growth.
  • He also serves as a Director, US-China Green Energy Council, Chair, Green Building and Eco-City Task force.
  • 柯玠博士专长中文英文双语,美中绿色能源促进会理事,年会会刊主编,绿色建筑工作小组主任。他是E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc. (全方位再生方案)公司总裁,专注于建立和支持绿色能源联盟和能源系统在建筑物和城市的整合方案。八十年代,他是环太平洋连接公司的创始人,(印刷前多国语言服务公司),也是万国码(Unicode)标准(ISO10646)的第一位编写者,同时兼任Unicode协会的技术委员会委员. 以后柯玠任DAE Interactive Marketing (Ion Global US) 公司、多国语言技术副总裁。八十年代他在中国工作三年,在香港一年,工作需要经常去中国。 2007-2008年他又在北京工作。他的太太是上海人。柯玠是1990学社的董事,美国加州生物质能联合会成员,可持续圣马刁县组织成员,Conexions的指导员,Sustainovation指导委员会委员。他还是Energy Voyager (能源旅行者) 公司的国际知识信托的成员。他在纽约州立大学宾厄姆顿和艾奥娜(Iona)学院任教,开设的课程包括能源环境政治学,中国政治,美国政治,比较政治学和世界历史。他曾是加州大学伯克利分校东亚研究所博士后研究员,并在斯坦福大学东亚研究中心任助理总干事。他在耶鲁大学学习中文,并在哥伦比亚大学和哈佛大学研究生院做研究,赢得在奥斯汀德州大学的博士学位。和做博士后研究在加州大 学伯克利分校。

Joyce Howard, M.A.

Vice President

Joyce Howard, a founder of E3RS, has many years of executive experience in private business and in government. After receiving her Masters in City Management, she has served as City Council Person for the City of Irving, TX. She managed and consulted for corporations in telecommunications, in industrial/commercial office and warehouse operations.

  • Ms. Howard has successfully managed the building of residential and commercial building complexes, including negotiations with financial, governmental and private agencies. Her experience and skill in managing large facilities and commercial construction projects, when added to her government experience, make it clear how valuable she is as a member of our executive team. With her help we are building and managing sustainable energy parks, commercial parks, and agricultural utilities for our clients and their communities.
  • Ms. Howard has served as Exectutive VP and COO for PalomaNet International, Inc. a telecommunications company and call center operation in Odessa, TX.
  • In addition, as Excecutive VP and COO for Sterling DFW International Group, Inc,. she turned around client properties from near bankruptcy to positive cash flow through refinancing, re-zoning, new marketing, etc. She was responsible for staffing, construction oversight, mortgage negotiations, budgeting, leasing, and regulatory compliance.
  • As President and COO of Sterling Commercial Management, Inc, she supervised a staff of over 100 and managed a portfolio of properties worth over $25 million. She provided professional management for Dallas area owners: individuals, partnerships and institutions. Ms. Howard worked with CPA's for tax reporting, creating budgets, supervising construction and purchasing, and coordinating with city, state and county tax and licensing offices.
  • When President and CEO of Indigo Builders, Inc., Ms. Howard guided the growth of this primarily residential home building company into a commercial and multi-family construction company building new construction of over $8 million per year. She was responsible for site selection, zoning acquisition, citizen concerns in neighborhood meetings, architectural design supervision, construction loans, construction bidding, construction crew supervision, sales staff supervision and mortgage loan acquisition and negotiations.
  • As the City of Irving's first elected woman Councilperson, she joined the construction committee for a new City Hall building, approving bids, approving architectural design and seeing that the construction was completed on time and under budget. She served as delegate to Conferences of Mayors where she worked for additional national and state funding for city projects with less national and state oversight.

Clyde H. Pittman, MBA

Director: Energy and Communications Business Developer and Consultant

While monitoring the progress of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996, Clyde Pittman began assisting clients in strategies to take advantage of this significant opportunity in a major industry. Previous experience in entrepreneurial telecommunications uniquely prepared him to deal with the needs of companies entering into this field.

  • Mr. Pittman has helped steer companies in designing software systems for customer and provider interface and dealt extensively in the regulatory field on behalf of client companies. He has arranged strategic alliances between telecommunications companies to meet the needs of participants.
  • Lead negotiator on behalf of client company for securing operating agreements with Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and major independent providers.
  • Acted as sole spokesman on behalf of clients in testimony before various state regulatory bodies. Has prepared certification applications along with additional required documentation for numerous states while conducting resale and interconnection agreements with most RBOCs and major independents.
  • Experienced in preparing local and long distance tariffs for submission to state regulatory bodies. Clients have relied on his recommendations as to advisability of seeking mediation in disputes with providers. Well versed in electronics interface systems using Internet and other computer network-based data distribution media.
  • As former President and Chief Executive Officer of Cartesia Corporation, Mr. Pittman conceived the idea for the company and identified and designed initial software products. Cartesia has become a leader in the specialized field of tactical mapping software for the emergency response (9-1-1) industry. Cartesia is an Authorized Partner of MapInfo, Inc. Responsible for developing marketing strategies and for making presentations to potential clients.
  • He continues to evaluate trends in the 9-1-1 industry and for designing products and services that Cartesia can provide in order to remain in the forefront of those trends, all of which are increasingly driven by computer and telecommunications technology.
  • As a private real estate investor in Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Mr. Pittman worked as a real estate consultant and broker, identifying, negotiating, and financing strategic income property investments for foreign investors. Clients were referred primarily from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and some European investors. He also served as a local representative for an international private banking concern during this period and worked with this bank in underwriting loans for foreign investors.
  • Mr. Pittman was founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of DFW Metrolink, Inc. With the assistance of the original Western Union Company of Upper Saddle River, NJ, conceived, researched, and designed the first commercial alternate local access telecommunications provider for the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Using extensive computer modeling and data base techniques, Metrolink developed optimum right-of-way routing systems for fiber optics systems to pass by the maximum number of likely broad bandwidth users at the minimum investment for right-of-way and actual fiber plant. This system was designed to appeal to users of fractional DS-1, full DS-1, and DS-3 capacity. Designed the business plan, secured market surveys, and secured local rights-of-way from local electrical utility. As a result of their early efforts, Metrolink had alternate local access fiber and electronics plant installed in downtown Dallas well in advance of competitors.

Mark Caldwell

Regional Manager

Mark Caldwell is the founder of Caldwell Stone, a successful small business since 1974 in Northwest Arkansas. His background in anthropology, art and masonry construction has enabled him to build a stone construction business that has an artistic, cultural and historical orientation. He has enhanced the aesthetic appearance of the region to the delight of his customers, who include the City of Fayetteville and many leaders of the region.
The many historical restorations and monument designs he built in NW Arkansas were

  • Fulbright Memorial Peace Fountain, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Campus
  • Design and construct historical monument to the end of the Cherokee Trail in Fayetteville
  • Entry stonework, Barbara Tyson residence
  • Town Creek Reconstruction, Fayetteville
  • Castle Art Repair, Wilson Park, Fayetteville
  • The Lafayette Gregg Mansion, reconstruction and repairs (original circa 1870)
  • Peel Mansion Museum, installed fireplace surround, restoration consulting

In his capacity as a business owner, Mark Caldwell has over 30 years experience working with community officials, local businesses, and community groups that together seek a healthier and more enjoyable environment, and a more prosperous business community. His familiarity with the Northwest Arkansas area, combined with his proven success as a business leader and manager make him a valuable addition to our management team, and a key to the success of the Northwest Arkansas initiative. He has allied with a number of local firms, engineers, consultants and the University of Arkansas who all concur that the region can benefit from the solutions E3RS can provide. He is also working with local environmental agencies.


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