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What We Do

At E3 Regenesis, we not only advise, we get the work done. From definition through contracts, financing, construction to full operation. Here are our service areas:

1. Project Analysis and Definition

  • What should be done? Why?
  • Where are the potential locations and which is best?
  • What are the project outputs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What is the operational plan to achieve them? What by-products result? What are desired?
  • What size facility is required? What size is optimal? When is it needed?

2. Project Approval

  • Who has to buy in and when for the project to thrive?
  • Political analysis of approval (US, China, etc.) Strategies or key political stakeholders.
  • Help to get approval by licensing authorities. Meet their listed criteria and their given mission.
  • Help get approval by local/state authorities/officials as needed.
  • Help generate, assemble and organize materials for each stage of the approval process.
  • Support and coach key players for the public input process, appearances at hearings, etc.

3. Operations/Ownership Decision

  • Which participating party or parties will own the plant?
  • What ownership structure is optimal?
  • Who will operate the plant? Under what terms?
  • What are the exit arrangements?

4. Contract Negotiation Components

  • Site purchase or lease agreements
  • Operating license purchase or lease agreement
  • Feasibility/project cost estimate with third party engineering company
  • Engineering, procurement and construction contracts with qualified contractors
  • All necessary contracts or agreements with municipalities, feedstock providers, other specialized providers such as measurement, validation and reporting.
  • Output product purchasers -- including waste reclamation. 

5. Financing

  • Validate and Submit business plan for financing. 
  • Check for available grants, incentives, rebates for the project.
  • Find international investors if desired.
  • Review terms and conditions of potential funding sources.  
  • Conclude financing.

6. Construction

  • Act as prime contractor or subcontractor.
  • Conclude and fund site construction agreements.
  • Prepare plant site, equipment delivery and operators training.
  • Plant certification "commissioning" and operational "go live" of plant.

7. Operations Measurement, Analysis and Management to ensure ongoing optimal results.

  • Design and operate measurement and monitoring sensors and reports to track success metrics and KPIs (e.g. costs, safety, efficiency and environmental impact).
  • Prepare results for publication or presentation.
  • Analyze results to drive continuous improvement of KPIs.